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How to be a clear communicator on YouTube

No matter your niche, getting your message across to your audience is crucial.

If you want to improve the clarity of your scripting, there’s no better place to turn to for advice than the top education channels on YouTube. These channels set the gold standard for quickly, effectively, and consistently communicating concepts.

Rob Woodward - creator of Woodward English (743k YouTube subscribers) - is a leading content creator in the space. Woodward English spans a whole range of language courses and resources for educators and students across multiple YouTube channels and websites. Keep reading below for his tips on how to be an effective communicator:

"What are your top three tips to clearly communicate an idea via video?"

"First, you have to know the subject inside and out yourself."

Tip 1. Scaffolding

Scaffolding is communicating your idea (or lesson) in manageable chunks.

These are shown step by step in a way that there will be no doubts about the concept or what you are trying to express.

You can’t start with the scaffolding half way up the house or the side of the building.

You have to start with the base, or the basics at ground level.

Using (multiple) examples helps with understanding. It can take me an entire week or even two to do a more complex subject.

Also, make sure you are giving CORRECT information.

Tip 2: No fluff

Keep it short and memorable and don’t drown the person in excess or unnecessary information. Nothing is more boring than having to fast forward through a video until you get to the point.

Many people will just click away.

Remember, people nowadays have a very short attention span. There are many other alternative sources/teachers/content creators that you will be competing with.

Be the one that helped the most, quickly and efficiently.

Tip 3. It’s not about you.

The focus should not be on YOU, it should be about the CONTENT. Focus on what you are showing or explaining.

If you are highlighting new tech product X, THAT should be the centre of attention and taking up most of the screen, not you. People will google “How to fix X” and come to your video. They want to see X, not you rambling on for half the video about what you do, like, or had for breakfast.

That is why in my educational videos I normally don’t appear. I don’t want the viewer to be distracted by my strikingly handsome good looks (kidding)... I don’t want them to suddenly be focused on a nasal hair sticking out of my nose and watching it sway as I talk. Ha ha ha. The CONTENT should always be the most important centre of attention.

To see this all in practice, check out the Woodward English YouTube channel and website!

We spoke to Rob recently on the Creator Generation podcast, for more words of wisdom (and wisecracks) from him, you can listen to the episode below:

Ready to join the conversation? Come meet creators from all over the world (including Rob!) on the Creator Generation community Discord by clicking here.

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