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3 tips for YouTube Shorts Success

Saksham Magic has blown up on YouTube (4.4 million subs & counting) using this tried and true YouTube Shorts framework.

You can dive into more detail of Saksham’s rapid rise and YouTube Shorts and TikTok advice on this episode of the Creator Generation podcast.

For 50 days, Saksham posted three videos every day developing this successful methodology for short form vertical video.

Consistency, and these three tips, are what led Saksham to YouTube Shorts Success.

1. Have a hook (& a reason for the viewer to stay)

Cut to the chase, and deliver on your promise.​

Capture the audience's attention as soon as possible - don't waste time with a big build up. Get your viewers to the 'main event' quickly, and make sure it delivers on any premise or claim you've made at the start.

Have an interesting or dynamic first frame - as that will become the thumbnail in a lot of YouTube's native places. You can add a thumbnail later, but it will only appear on your own YouTube Shorts Shelf on your channel's homepage

2. Give them a reason to watch it again

Make it so good they need to see it (at least) twice.​

With videos being so short you want to keep people coming back to watch again. Give your audience a moment - in his case a magic trick - that gets the viewers curious and wanting to see it again.

Another approach is to use the caption to add another layer to the viewing experience and drive viewers to re-watch. Like the example below.

3. Create Loops

Again? Again!

The YouTube Shorts algorithm really likes it if a viewer rewatches a video. Try structuring your videos in a way that guides the viewer back to the start (either to watch with fresh eyes or because they don't feel the video has 'ended').

One of Saksham's most viewed shorts (below - click to view) is the perfect example of this - the end seamlessly blends into the start. The video comments speak for themselves:

| "Noo I’ve never seen such a perfect loop I was waiting 5 minutes for him to win bro"

| "I watched this for 10 minutes until I realized it was a loop and I was still extremely confused I didn’t know they could make videos that long but they can’t it was just like a really perfect loop"

Bonus tips

  • Look at your niche (and who’s doing well) for inspiration for your own content

  • Find trends that match you, and think about how you can make your own version stand out

  • Post! The only way to get started and find out what works is to actually upload and experiment.

  • Authenticity is important - stay true to your own voice

  • There is no guaranteed answer on what will go viral, so keep trying

Join the conversation with creators from all over the world on the Creator Generation community Discord.

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